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We like to offer the widest choice of outside venues to our clients whilst delivering the quality of service that our guests have come to expect from our experienced team. To achieve this, we have selected a variety of outside venues to suit all the requirements and wishes you may have. Above all we offer the perfect combination: the ideal venue and Penha Longa Catering's level of excellence.

São Vicente Palace

Built in 1606 in the reign of King Philip II, the São Vicente Palace is an iconic example of XVII century architecture. The Palace lies in one the most authentic areas of Lisbon, the Bairro da Graça, made up of several imposing rooms, including an inspiring Library,which itself is worth visiting. Supported by the exclusive level of experience and quality of the Penha Longa Resort catering team, Sao Vicente offers a unique and memorable experience.

Palace of Xabregas

The largest Palace open for events in the capital, , the Palace of Xabregas is located to the east of Lisbon. Built by the famous Portuguese sailor and aristocrat Tristão da Cunha at the end of the 16th Century, the Palace of Xabregas was the official residence of the Portuguese Royal family, and was one of a few buildings that survived the earthquake of 1755, which destroyed the rest of the city.
Offering stylish ballrooms and meeting rooms and adorned with paintings and artwork, the Palace has one of the largest private collections of tiles in Portugal. It also houses an internal covered patio which can accommodate up to 670 guests. In total, the Palace can cater for up to 1150 guests.

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