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LAB by Sergi Arola

Recently awarded with a Michelin Star, LAB strives to transport diners on a highly-innovative and emotional gastronomic journey. The restaurant offers an extremely intimate and exclusive atmosphere with only 22 seats, inventive cuisine with three different tasting menus, à la carte options and the coordination of an extensive wine selection with more than 550 references from around the world.

Open only for dinner - 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Closed: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Menu Options

Each month we select the best products, and we design a menu combining our latest creations with dishes that in previous steps of the Sergi's career, have enjoyed the complicity of our guests...

The new proposals provide renewed freshness to the menu and the recovered dishes provide strength and consistency, allowing the balanced designed to invite you to enjoy and be complicit in our kitchen.

Discovery Menu....95 €

Our selection of “classic in one bite”, one Tapa, one Starter, one Fish, one Meat and one dessert.

Sergi Arola Menu ....110€

Our selection of “classic in one bite”, one Tapa, two Starters, one Fish, one Meat and two desserts.

"Loucura a loucura" ... 130€

Discover a gastronomic journey where you will have a taste of each element of the menu.

LAB by Sergi Arola - 5 Facts you need to know

The Concept.
The idea of LAB by Sergi Arola was a natural progression, after 7 years of the Chef’s presence at Penha Longa Resort, with the successful Arola Restaurant and his worldwide experience.
The restaurant is inspired by the fusion of fresh ingredients, highly-innovative and emotional gastronomy, where each single component is refined and oiled to provide a unique and memorable culinary experience.

The Chef.
Sergi Arola’s early career was guided by his mentor and renowned Chef - Ferrán Adriá - who won the title of Best Chef in the world for his restaurant "el Bulli", a title it maintained for five consecutive years. Our Chef also gained inspiration from Pierre Gagnaire and was greatly influenced by other well-known chefs such as Raymond Blanc and Jacques Maximin. Like other professionals, Sergi’s passion for food was fostered during his childhood, in his grandfather’s kitchen. At the young age of twelve, he had discovered his vocation.
Since LAB’s launch, Sergi Arola has relied on the unique talent and creativity of his right-hand man Milton Anes. As Head Chef at LAB, Milton is in charge of the whole kitchen, ensuring Sergi’s standards are kept and showcasing fine dining at its very best

The Menu.

A unique cooking approach that will delight even the most sophisticated taste, combining innovation with simplicity. An inventive cuisine with different tasting menus, à la carte options and the coordination of an extensive wine selection.

The Space.
The restaurant combines a privileged view over the Golf Course and at the same time an extremely intimate and exclusive atmosphere. With only 22 seats, this space takes you into a sensorial and journey, from the fragrance you feel at the arrival to the several fascinating design highlights you can contemplate: stimulating art pieces and a superb glass box wine cellar.

The Wine cellar
Showcasing 550 of the finest wine references from around the globe and high-class Cognac’s and Armagnac’s, this collection offers you the perfect blend of flavors, adding the final twist to a distinctive dining experience