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Golf Academy


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António Dantas

A professional at Penha Longa Resort since 1996, António Dantas started his journey in the world of golf as Caddy Master, at the Estoril Golf Club and then at Quinta da Marinha.

His teaching career began in 1988, at Quinta da Marinha Golf Club, after a conclusion of the professional training of Golf, by the Portuguese Golf Federation. He then passed by the Estoril Golf Academy and the Quinta do Peru, in Setubal. Completing, after a 3 year program by the PGA of Portugal, his official training and becoming a PGA Golf Professional.

He participated in several tournaments organized by PGA Portugal, namely, without PGA Golf Masters Golf Club (2nd place), PGA Mota Engil (2nd place), Mota Engil PGA Classic (4th place) National of Porto Santo (4th place). He also participated 6 times in the Portugal Open, 5 times in the Madeira Open, 3 times in the Challenge Tour, 1 time in the World Championship in Spain and 1 time in the World Championship in France.

Henrique Paulino

Henrique Paulino arrived at the Penha Longa Resort, as Assistant Golf Professional, in 2015 after having passed through the Golden Eagle Golf & Country Club, Quinta da Barca, Quinta das Lágrimas and Supergolf das Amoreiras.

The APGP level II Golf Professional course was completed in 1995.

Before dedicating himself exclusively to teaching, Henrique Paulino developed an extensive curriculum, with numerous participations in national and international competitions, earning the titles of National Junior Champion (1989), 1st place in the William Lawson's Cup in Scotland (1983), the title of National Champion Golf (2003) and 1st place in the circuit PGA Architects ( 2004), to name a few.


Come have fun and make new friends!

Penha Longa Junior School offers a fun, healthy and enriching activity to children from 5 to 17 years. For beginners or simply to improve your swing and technics, progress is monitored by our Golf Professionals.

The golf Academy is on every Tuesdays 5 p.m. to 6p.m and on Saturdays to 12.00p.m.

Prices: 50.00€ per month e 250.00€ per semester


Have you ever played golf?

Learn to speak Golf and step in to this class as a veteran.

Get familiar with terms such as “stance”, “grip”, “posture” and “swing”.

This activity is also available for team buildings

Prices: 25,00 € one hour each person


The Golf Biomechanics Center is located at the Penha Longa Golf Resort in Sintra. At this center we concentrate on the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

This is a unique experience to discover your individual specific swing and the perfect way to get rid of any pain or discomfort.