The Chocolate By Penha Longa


The range constantly changes but always has some self-styled “outside the box” flavours that currently includes the best-seller “Midori Bonbon” (homemade rice wine vinegar, dark chocolate and Normandy cream).

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Phone: (+351) 917 612 172

It is in the deep forests of Mexico and Cuba that the Criollo cocoa trees, considered to be the “prince of cocoas” due to their rarity, are grown. Through ancestral drying techniques, the grain reveals a pure, unadulterated and robust cacao, from which our pastry team create a very dark and fine chocolate. Inspired by our rich historical roots and gardens, The Chocolate by Penha Longa is born. A brand focused on creating the most unique bonbons and innovative flavours.

The refinement and purity of the Penha Longa Chocolate, combined with the skills and creativity Francisco Siopa and the pastry team position The Chocolate by Penha Longa, as one of the most sought after chocolate brands in the country.


Executive Pastry Chef

At age 41, Francisco Siopa, is undoubtedly one of the best known professionals in the sector (nationally and internationally), especially for the work he has been developing in recent years on chocolate, which has become better known for his passion for chocolate and its unusual combinations of flavours. At the moment, he embraced a long-term project in Penha Longa, as Executive pastry chef.