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The Penha Longa Resort catering services allows you to bring our exceptional cuisine directly to your event. With the possibility of catering for events held either at the hotel, at one of the 4 exclusive Penha Longa venues or at any other off-site venue of your choice.

There are two types of catering available. Penha Longa Catering provides wide-ranging, versatile and flexible menus, while Arola Catering brings a Michelin-star touch to more exclusive events thanks to chef Sergi Arola´s innovative cooking.

The catering team can advise you on any aspect of the staging of your dining event, while the Penha Longa Catering chefs work with you to create the perfect menu for you and your guests.

Michelin Star Menu

Come experience three Michelin-starred restaurants on a combined menu.

Penha Longa Catering:
Anytime, Anywhere

From private social events to corporate presentations, we make your event an unforgettable moment!


Penha Longa Catering has chosen a unique selection of exclusive venues to accommodate your event. From historical venues to front-sea locations, it´s your choice.

Food Truck

Our new Food Truck will provide a unique service to elevate your event experience, and you even have a chance to personalize it!