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A day to remember...


Let us share this occasion with you, in our venue, Penha Longa will always be the perfect location for your love story and the first day of the rest of your lives.

With its unique location, historical event rooms, private church and beautiful gardens, Penha Longa Resort makes every moment of your wedding simply magical. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure your special day will be an occasion to remember.


A venue to meet all requirements, a 14th century monastery filled with history, 25 minutes from the airport, hotel with accommodation for the guests with access to the 7 restaurants and pools, Golf and SPA, so that the wedding travel meets every single one of your guests desires. The couple has nothing to do but enjoy the moment!

Exclusive and high quality Catering

Church for Catholic Weddings

Hotel Accomodationwith special rates

Venues in unique locations in Sintra and Estoril

Attentive service and Staff expertise

Personalizable packages


Your day will be memorable in this peaceful environment, surrounded by nature. Celebrate your wedding in a space that joins modernity in decoration, refinement in details and luxury catering.


A 14th century monastery with several options within the venue for the multiple events of your wedding day. A cocktail by the garden, a sophisticated dinner in a noble room and an open aired party are just some of the options the couples have in the property. Every wedding will be its own unique way.


A 17th century fortress located on the Tamariz Beach with a privileged view of the cost and sunset. Originally part of the coastal defense line, now opening only for special events. Ceremonies with sea view and cocktail watching the sunset and party in the historical rooms is the perfect composition for your wedding.


A 18th house design by the distinguished Portuguese architect Raúl Lino, lies in the Sintra slope facing North, with unburdened views over the Sintra National Palace and villa. The several spaces inside this venue articulate into one of the most special settings for each wedding.


Will you Marry Me?

Ready to pop up the question? Let us create the perfect candlelight and romantic set up ever imagined. Your wedding proposal can be simpler and intimate or an over the top extreme occasion never to forget. It can be tailor-made to your own vision and we will make it real!


Big Day, Small Plans

Celebrating the simplicity of this day at Penha Longa. Your big wedding day with a romantic set, a toast, a intimate dinner for the two of you and even cake cutting. End it gracefully at one of the Hotel Suites with a passionate turndown with champagne and a petal filled bathtub.


The sole place for your South Asian Wedding

A celebration of lifetime, with an experienced team on Indian Weddings with knowledge on culture and traditions, in a variety of venues to accommodate all wedding events. A Sangeet in the garden, the religious Hindu/Sikh ceremony in the ancient open-aired ruins, and the reception in our classic and elegant ballroom are just one of the possible options. The full package is complete with the possibility of Indian Food being served and with the hotel for all guests to stay.


The perfect end for a big day

Enjoy the 3 pools, multiple treatments at the spa, a round of golf, explore the city and culture, try the 7 in resort restaurants… or just relax in one of the suites with Champagne and strawberries. These are some of the options you have when starting ‘the rest of your lives’.